Alot like The Eagles, except they’re better!


And they have a conscience, and a boat load of talent , and oh, did I mention a deep and abiding faith?
I was over at
“The Sporting News” managing my fantasy basketball teams, but I had to come on to make this post.
I have been absolutely overcome by some of the flat out best music I’ve heard in quite some time. I have been so floored that I’ve wanted to call all my friends and tell them they must listen to these roughly dozen CDs from a group of decidedly non-CCM CCMers Including Daniel Amos, The Swirling Eddies, Terry Scott Taylor and last, but certainly not least, The Lost Dogs. It is the latter to which I have devoted the last several hours of my aural attention, and by which my faith in music in general and “contemporary Christian Music in particular has been renewed.
I had first been attracted to “CCM” in the early 1980s and was fortunately exposed very early on to the likes of the 77s and Daniel Amos. I think I may have been a bit to naive as a young lad in my twenties to fully appreciate the intricacies of life in the real world, and thus left to perhaps not fully appreciate the depth, sincerity and truth that these guys were singing about. And then again, they too were younger and greener at the time. I do remember that I thought the 77s completely rocked. They were raw, energetic and authentic and I loved ’em. Mike Rowe’s raw baritone and his screaming Fender guitar were all it took to get me hooked. I was also being introduced to other bands at about the same time. U2 was still a relative unknown when “Boy” and “October” were released. I remember the raw urgency of Bono’s vocals and Larry Evan’s manic guitar riffs. Once again, I detected a genuineness and a longing.
I then took an extended vacation in the abyss of mainstream CCM, ranging from the traditional “praise” music of Kieth Green and Dallas Holm to the pop-ier 2nd Chapter of Acts, the highly commercialized “White Heart”, “Stryper”, and the ‘scandalous’ cross over sensation Amy Grant, and some darn fine stuff from Phil Keaggy and “The Choir”. Then came the “metal phase”, A whole bevy of shaggy haired guys with tattoos of the crucifixion on their backs (sometimes stomachs), some of whom rocked very hard, and a few who actually had something good, even powerful to say. (See “Scatrd Few”, “The Crucified”) And then like a bolt from the blue came 1992s “Scenic Routes”. The premiere from this CCM “Supergroup”, The Lost Dogs I was totally blown away, and like any good head-banger, I was shocked at how drawn I was to this neo-country outfit. The talent level and musicianship simply blew me away. I bought the second disc, “Little Red Riding Hood” as soon as I could lay my hands on it. The third, “Green Room Serenade” nearly wore out my cd player and found extensive airplay from me on Sunday nights when I took over the airwaves at a small local FM station, back in a time when there still were such things, and when management actually let local hicks do their own programming.
Alas, in the midst of life’s twists and turns, I lost track of “The Dogs” at this point in time, but was recently reminded of their genius and blessed to acquire several of their more recent offerings from a friend at the parish. His generosity also brought me 2 Terry Taylor solo discs, “John Wayne” and “Avocado Fault Line”, the former of which is brilliant and the latter of which is growing on me. Hhe also provided me wit Daniel Amos’s “MotorCycle”. I knew of the disc, but, WOW, how had I forgotten how awesome it is! He also had the hard to find “Mr. Buechner’s Dream”, of which I had only ever heard the first disc. And finally, four of the Dog’s cds that I hadn’t been acquainted with; “Gift Horse”, “Real Men Cry” ( the first after the untimely passing of Adam Again’s Gene Eugene), “The Lost Cabin and The Mystery Trees”, and most powerfully, most poignantly to me, “Nazarene Crying Towel”
As Steve loaded his treasured cds into the box for me to borrow, he mentioned that N.C.T. was a very different, unique Lost Dogs disc. What he didn’t tell me was that I would be singing along and harmonizing on my first listen to the astounding opening track, “Moses In The Desert”, or swaying to “Come Down Here”, wanting to play spoons to accompany “Jesus On The Shore”, nor lost in awe and wonder on “Crushing Hand” and “The Darkest Night”
So here I am, standing on the roof of the blogosphere yelling: IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO THE LOST DOGS OR HAVEN’T DONE SO LATELY, DO IT AT ONCE!!, ’nuff said.
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